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Syphon Filter: What We Didn't See

A satire/parody comic based on the hit PlayStation game, Syphon Filter. We follow Agency Operative Gabe Logan in his mission to stop Rhoemer from destroying the world with the titular Syphon Filter virus. Now if only he could focus and not cause as much mayhem as possible.


Chapter 1 - FINISHED

For the handful of you who are actually following this comic Chapter 1 is finally finished. It only took over a year.

Hopefully, the next chapters will be paced better and be shorter. I know Chapter 2 will definitely be shorter due to the fact that there are only two Expo Center Missions.

That being said, Chapter 2 will being on January 18 after a short intermission accompanied by some drawings by yours truly.

Thank you for reading and have a Happy New Year!

posted by Mars1040 @ Dec 28 2016 05:04 pm  -  0 comments


If you're reading this, then hooray! I've piqued your interest with my little parody of a 15+ year old PlayStation game!

Some of the images and the pages may be inconsistent with each other since I switched programs and "art style" between comics (I put art style in quotations because really, I'm putting captions to screenshots). I'm trying to get a consistent style that looks clear and neat.

Well I hope you enjoy the comics.

posted by Mars1040 @ Dec 08 2015 08:59 pm  -  1 comments

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